Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Teach me!

Coming from a family of teachers, I' love to teach, almost as much as I love to learn. It has always been my desire to teach in such a way that I deliver the information but the student internalizes the lesson. I've taught adults, teenagers, children and peers. I've worked along side parents, mentors, and professors as I've been taught myself. Everything from little ones and youth give great insight and wisdom if given in the spirit of love.
This is a perfect balance I work for in all aspects of my life, both learning and teaching. However, I often,if not always fall short.
 Its a good thing I crave wisdom and knowledge. I've found the perfect example of teaching through the life of Jesus Christ.
While I know not everyone is a believer in his divinity, it is that very characteristic that makes his teaching...well perfect.
Let's look at the 'woman taken in sin': In this story we are given a wide variety of learners all in one scenario. 1-Observers in general with some cultural and religious background.
2-Hierarchy of the Hebrew faith (pharisees)
3-Disciples, these were just believers who felt of The Savior's love and believed him
4-Apostles, the actual leaders and prophesiers of Christ
5-The sinner
Each of these people required a different lesson. Christ needed to speak to each of their needs, wants desires and what was best for them. He had to do it without passing judgment. Without condemnation and without anger or regret.
What did he do?
Not much. He listened carefully. Discerned their intent. wrote in the dirt as he comprehended and then gave advice and instruction.
"Ye without sin cast the first stone." it was directed at only those who were without sin. Every person judged them self on that front.
After each had cast their own experience into the forum and felt their own responsibility, they left the woman alone.
The Savior then gave her perfect instruction, just what she needed. An absence of condemnation. A fullness of love. An instruction to do better. He didn't forgive her; she didn't ask for forgiveness. He didn't tell her she was just doing the best she could, he didn't value her contribution to life so little. He loved her, accepted her and never let her doubt it.
"Go thy way and sin no more."
I am not that good. Not with my family. Not with my neighbors and especially not with myself. Just as The Savior did, I will keep teaching and learning from The Master as I beg him to teach me!