Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Fending Off Lizards

A wise man once said "It is impossible to feel sorry for yourself when you pick someone else who has it worse to feel sorry for instead."
I don't know if that is true but it brings up a saying my Dad use to tell me when I was hurting, struggling with my health, or just plain had a bad attitude. He would say "A person all wrapped up in themselves makes a very small package."
When I have things go wrong in my own life suddenly my problems are huge and fill my entire view. As if a mountain of problems huddle above me ready to crush me at any moment. When I pull my view away from the side of that mountain and I see what other people's problems are...I go running for my own every time.
So my body isn't happy with me right now, I didn't spend all night in the hospital waiting to see if my son would make it through surgery to remove a tumor. A good friend of mine did.
So maybe my scars and surgeries have left my body a broken mess of wounds and missing or extra pieces. I didn't have to bury my youngest daughter. My neighbor from St. George did.
I can't imagine what demons, dragons, or despair fills your life. Maybe its an avalanche of hurt, pain, and fear. Maybe it doesn't matter except that its yours, its real, and it needs attention. Don't compare your mountain to anyone else's, its not, its yours and it looms in your life. No one else's matters.
However, when that mountain feels as if its sitting on your heart and soul let The Savior take the weight from you for a minute while you look around and 'The world's' problems. If today is a day when someone you know is out slaying dragons be grateful you only have to fend off a few lizards. Take your eyes off what's gone wrong in your life and put them in faith and hope on the future. Today will pass, tomorrow will come and go. The only thing The Lord requires is for us to keep goin.
So line up your friends and families problems on the mountainside before you get overwhelmed and then run straight for your own.

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  1. Thanks for always being there for me and mine when our lizards grow into dragons. We are blessed to have you see the other side of things. Love ya Isabel