Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Are You Listening To Me?

If you ever want a good laugh, come to my house and listen to me argue with all of my talking equipment. My computer speaks each key as I type it. My watch tells the time...out loud. My digital recorder reads me books, and my phone not only talks to me but talks back as well.
Can you imagine the sheer chaos of having to have sound to navigate my own house sometimes. I must admit I'm not very patient when it comes to sorting out all of the noises. My kids, the doorbell, the speaking technology and the radio at times too.
However, silence in my world is worse.
I will ask my husband questions and while he ponders the answer, I'm asking more questions. "Are you listening to me?"
"Are you on your phone?"
"Did you hear me?"
His response is always "Hang on a second. My brain doesn't work as fast as yours does."
That's not true. His brain is actually far more capable than mine. He just filters his thoughts from his speech. I, on the other hand, don't need time to kick my filter in. Its either on or its off.
When its on, I can sit back, listen and learn. But when its off...I hunger for interaction.
Last night the kids and Erik and I laid out in the backyard to listen to "nature". My fourteen year old asked if he could get his i-pod to listen to music instead. "No," I told him. "Listen to the night."
"Its too quiet mom."
Why are we so afraid of the silence? What awaits our thoughts and emotions if the world isn't clamoring for our attention? Can we hear the voice of God if the world remains quiet for a while?
The voice of My Father In Heaven finds me in the silence of my heart and mind. In the words of scripture or his Holy spirit. Why am I always drowning Him out?
A world of darkness is never quiet. My ears seek out the sounds of life around me to keep me from feeling alone. Its the silence where I find my greatest friend though., Its the peace of His distant voice that makes the darkness liveable.
The next time you put in your ear buds or flip on the t.v. The next time you need to fill the quiet with the radio just to have background noise, stop. Instead, Sink into a comfortable chair, onto your knees, or onto the floor and listen. You will hear his creations, his blessings, and most of all his voice calling you home.
Its not the most exciting experience I'll have. Laughing with my kids. Fighting with Siri on the phone, or loosing myself in a good novel keep me sane sometimes. I can't however, enjoy any of those things unless I spend some quiet time just listening first.

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