Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Why Not Me?

One of the many questions we as human beings ask more frequently  than any other is Why me? In a life story or any story full of tragic occurrences, heartbreaks, and disasters we shake our fists at the unknowing sky for answers to Why? and Why me?
     One of my favorite stories comes from the book "Divergent" by Veronica Roth.These questions are sifted, almost seasoned in this novel. The setting is a community broken into five groups or factions who are given aptitude tests to discover their particular strengths. They are then given severe physical and emotional training to enter the elite of the faction. Our heroine in this story is gifted in more than one of these areas, but chooses to go through extreme physical trials that will improve her natural gifts and allow her to be stronger and more courageous. My favorite part of this scenario is the fact that The Author allows you to avoid even the suggestion of a need to ask Why me? It is made completely clear why? Because you have the capacity to excell in this arena.
     If life is a series of great emotional and physical trials with the potential to break or brighten the abilities of those who live in it, then perhaps the question we should be asking is Why not me?
     Am I not talented, strong,or resilient enough to handle a little flame? Am I not capable of learning, inspiration, or excellence? If I sit on the sidelines of life and watch others climb, crawl, and claw their way to a higher plane, then what are my capabilities worth?
     The good news is that each of us stand at the foot of a mountain. A mountain that is dangerous and difficult. The climb will be treacherous no matter whether it be, the alps the
Andes, or the Appalachians. It is not a matter of perspective. Whatever your mountain is. don't be afraid to climb it. Do not stand in the mountains shadow and shake your fist at the monstrosity asking Why? or Why me?
     Instead, push your hair back from your face, plant your feet firmly on the trail and ask; Why not me?

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