Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Forever Family Parties

Yesterday would have been my Dad's 70 th birthday. I picture him with his grand children gathered around him. Eating birthday cake, giving him Birthday hugs and wishes while teasing him about getting old. We'd find a crazy birthday card that makes fun of how old he is and how he is the best Dad and Grandpa EVER! Then we'd all go home until our next family get together.
My cousin Julie mentioned on facebook today that when her mother passed to God's presence this past year, she was met on the other side by people like my Dad, our grandmother, who we all adored, my Grandfather, two uncles and a whole host of family. I picture it much like the a fore mentioned party, but without the wrinkles and the funny cards.
I believe that God intended families to be together, forever. Not just for birthday parties and holidays her on earth, but for every warm, happy, fun occasion we can think of. These times I picture the party my deceased family is having and the one each of us wishes we could have as well. A little piece of me crumbles and dies when I realize what an enormous blockade death makes to all of us being together.
Truthfully, though, Death is only a blockade for the living. Those of us who cling to this life with fervor and faith live avoiding or denying death. On the other side though, they wait with bated breath for us to come to the forever family party.
I've spent my entire life fighting the inevitability of death only to realize it comes for each of us until we are all together again. Those who die before us celebrate the day when they are joined with those who were left behind. Those left behind mourn our loneliness until we can join our loved ones. The time between is painful, lonely and dark without those we love.
The good news is...its but a moment in a dark tunnel until we join the party as well. I live my life in complete darkness except for the light I find in my children, my husband, my family, friends and my Savior. When the party lights come on I hope to see my father's face. Feel the embrace of my Grandmother's arms and see the lovely smile of my Aunt Caroline. to kiss Colby Bird and thank him for sharing his organs and his beautiful family with me. I can't wait to meet my Savior and wash his feet with my tears. I'll wait to become strong enough and smart enough to have finished my course, but I look forward to the Forever Family Party. Just imagine what a party it will be.Save me some cake, Daddy!

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  1. Wonderful thoughts Traci. I can hardly wait to join the party.