Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Surgical Steel

Not long ago I spent a day or so in the hospital following another surgical procedure. Putting the broken pieces of my body back together again is a lot like Humptey Dumpty, its a process. The procedure was no big deal and fairly non-invasive so I didn't worry too much about it, until I talked to my youngest son a few days later.
"You're like a bionic person, Mom." he told me, when I explained the surgery. I shook my head and told him there were no borrowed organs, removed bones, arteries and veins sewed together or tubes implanted this time. It was no big deal. He laughed at me.
"You've got Uncle Rob's kidney, someone Else's pancreas, a glass eye, a missing knee cap and scaffolding holding up  your heart. How many surgeries have you had?"
Well, that got me thinking. I had my first surgical procedure done when I was 14 years old and one of my toes quit growing and fused into the joint.As I worked my way through the years, I realized that between kidney problems, diabetes, heart disease, blindness and the side effects of their treatments, I've had surgery 13 times.
When I told my10-year-old, he gasped. "Is that normal?"
We laughed about it, and I wondered. "Normal" is never a distinction I worried about. After all, what is 'normal' except that which we all think we are and everyone else isn't.
"The truth though; its not normal,. Is it Okay?
When bones are broken beyond repair or body parts need to be replaced, doctors don't use Aluminum foil, or lead, or iron. They use surgical steel. A special mixture of alloys and chemicals that will be stronger, just as flexible, sometimes more, and can withstand the abuse from what a human body will place it under. Its not normal. Its forged, fired and fabricated especially for work nothing else can do. Its sold through special distributors., Its handled by special doctors and it enhances in a way nothing else can.
God didn't create us to be 'normal'. He didn't put us here to decorate the planet in pretty colors.,. He created us to be steel, different than any other creation stronger, faster, better spiritually, for the difficult journey back to Him. Its not supposed to be easy, that's for aluminum creations. Easy, comfortable, and spoiled, is for lead-based individuals who can't stand the pressure of being great.
If you find yourselves in the fiery forge wondering why you're not living an easier life; its because you're steel. You're special, uncommon...Great! You don't want to be 'normal', on the junk pile or crumpled like an empty aluminum can. Not when your mind, heart and soul were meant to be surgical steel.

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