Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Someplace You Fall

When I was in my early twenties, a country western music star and his wife sang a song together all about LOVE. It was a beautiful song, made more poignant because they performed it together and you could tell by the way they interacted together, they meant every word. Her voice wasn't great and his was good, but not the best I'd ever heard. He performed a song or two that I liked but this song rang with all sorts of truth for me. When a few years later, this couple  found themselves in a scandal concerning an illegitimate child, I wondered if the silly romantic in me had given it more meaning than necessary. In the midst of scandal, would LOVE be more than just someplace you fall? Could it stand up to the fire and be something they would DO?
It was for them. They worked it out. Forgave each other. Handled the publicity and stayed together. They are still together, still in-love and still Doing what ever it takes to make that love work.
The truth is LOVE isn't just 'something' you do, its everything you DO. Its putting your partner first. Its forming priorities around they're wants and needs. Its walking away from your old life to build a new one. Its listening, not just hearing. Its trusting when you don't trust anyone. Its becoming a better person, for yourself and for the one you love, as well.
Mostly, its letting go of pride, prejudice, power, and the person you used to be. and becoming new. New and better.
When you find yourself falling into that place, brace yourself for the landing. Its a long way down and a tough climb to a better place if you do it correctly. But its worth the ride.

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