Thursday, July 14, 2016

Roots and Wings

Here in my corner of the world, we find ourselves between birthdays. Our Nations, in 1776 and our State's in 1847. Both are celebrated with pancake breakfasts, parades and fireworks. Both are done in recognition of our God given right, as well as privilege, to pursue life, liberty and happiness.
Somewhere in there we should have been promised an inalienable right to be given those things. A gift from the powers that be ensured all of us those marvelous things simply because we live in The United States of America. For we Utahans, it is a promise that under the rights and privileges of The USA, we can believe, practice and worship in the way we desire. Again, because we have the right to do so.
Freedom to think, act and behave the way we feel is correct is our right. Those are the wings afforded to us for obeying the laws, paying our taxes, not infringing on others rights and supporting their rights as well.
The basis of all of it though, is the unalienable right to pursue our freedom.
Life is not guaranteed because we live. Being strong, healthy, active, or  lazy is a life style choice.  It is only the right to breathe, eat, and have a heart beat. Above and beyond those basics, we pursue good food, work, driving, singing, performing, writing, speaking...the list goes on and on.
Liberty is a given. The ability to choose your thoughts, words, actions and feelings is a God given right. What you do with those thoughts and other rights will have a direct impact on your happiness. Your thoughts can lift or destroy. It is your right to decide. Feelings will bring you to the up most high or the most downcast low. The circumstance doesn't mandate this, you do.
Happiness, above all other things, is an ethereal concept found inside each individual. It cannot be purchased, given, taken away, or confiscated by another. It must be pursued with all might and mind. It is the root of the rights God himself has bequeathed you with.
Happiness, along with life and liberty root us to the God who created this world, this nation, this humanity and the very things that allow us freedom. All humans possess the rights God has given each of us. Politics, parties and governments along with religions, individuals, and groups will threaten them.
Those things will never separate you from the God who gave you life. The One who gifted you the freedom to choose to be free inside your heart. A bounty of happiness awaiting your efforts to pursue and claim it.
While you soar among the freedom and limitless bounds of your inheritance, grasp tightly the roots which ground you to the God who blessed you with all things whatsoever The Father hath!