Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Liver, Thriver, Survivor

A few years ago, I read a book called The Survivor's Club. It was a compilation of stories about regular people who survived amazing things. A few of these stories struck me as truly miraculous. Some of them seemed to me like they were just regular things that happen to everyone, or anyone, in life.
There was a woman who tripped while going to a meeting with her knitting club and impaled herself on her own knitting needles. The needle she fell on was centimeters from her heart before they managed to remove it safely. The amazing part was...
Because of the necessity of removing the needle, her doctors found a cancerous tumor in her breast. The tumor was removed and the cancer beaten.
Another guy was skydiving alone, when his parachute failed to deploy. He fell over a thousand feet into the ocean. He survived the fall, breaking 80 percent of the bones in his body, but was "lucky" enough to have fallen in the midst of fishing boats who picked him up and took him to the hospital.
Many of the stories I read were about people who had something out of the ordinary happen. Even more than the circumstance though, was the divine interference on their behalf. A man who went down in a twin engine plane on the side of a mountain, was found by a local rancher who just happened to be checking fences in the area. A woman lost in Brooklyn, New York during a riot was found by a German shepherd who turned out to be a drug sniffing dog. This animal took her to the police station and away from danger. There's a lot more to this lady's story and the danger she found herself in, but the point is...
None of us are ever alone.
During those times when terrible, tragic things are happening and it seems all is hopeless. There is a loving hand to hold. Even through the darkest of times and the coldest of nights, One may feel alone, but you never are. In my world, I live with everything right in front of me. If I can't hear it, reach out and touch it, feel it, smell it, or taste it. It isn't there until I can. Truthfully...its a very narrow point of view.
Everything...Yes, everything. is somewhere close by, but maybe beyond your point of view.
Taking a few steps into the darkness is more than a walk of faith out into a black world. A few steps into love, hope, unanswered questions, a belief in something better and a "blind" trust that what ever you can't see, the loving God who created you can. You don't have to walk perfectly, or even well. Stumble, trip, feel your way around and shuffle forward. It doesn't matter what you're footsteps look like. His are enough to make up the difference.
Being a survivor isn't about strength, will, or luck as some of the stories I read implied. Its about knowing the 'sighted guide' on your path knows everything you don't. And if you are on God's side...who can be against you?

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