Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Scrapbooking For God

There are a thousand cliches to motivate us to keep going. "There's a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow'
"The journey was worth the long walk."
"If not you then who? If not now then When?"
Okay that one's got more to do with 'Why me?',  than 'Why keep going'...but I digress.
I found myself asking this question when I sat down to write today.  Why am I doing this again? More importantly Who am I doing it for.
When I started it was because i was promised that if I wrote down a record of my life, it would be valuable for future generations. Makes my life sound pretty important. Well, its actually not, except to maybe me, and my family. Even then my boys would argue.
So, why do I pray, think, dig up my past , my stupidity and my mistakes? Why tell you what I think and feel, or what I've learned?
The answer is...because I believe someone, somewhere, at some time will read how The Savior healed me, lifted me higher and made me more than my stupidity and mistakes. If he can do it for me, non-important, unremarkable, and unknown. Then He can do it for anyone. He will do it for anyone.
He doesn't require you to have prestige, but He can help if you do. He doesn't care if you're beautiful, but He heals even those who look perfect. He doesn't require you to have a million facebook friends or followers, but He can comfort and support you when you're alone in that crowd.
We all want to be heard. Whether through our voices, our talents, our facebook page or our songs. You do what you do, because only you can. Someone else can do it, but no one will ever do anything like you. When you start to wonder if it makes a difference to anyone, look up, not around. Imagine your Father-In-Heaven sitting beside you, his arm around your shoulders and his voice in your heart. "You're doing this, because you'll come home someday, and I want to hear all about the fun you've had."
So when you're feeling as if nothing you do or say matters. make a souvenir of memory with a picture, a song, a prayer, or a word. Think of the scrap book you'll bring home to God.
If I didn't have anything to offer you today. Forgive me and add it to your scrapbook. If you rolled your eyes but didn't read to the bottom of the page, maybe someone else did. Maybe not, but it doesn't matter. This page in my scrapbook will find its way to God's record of my life. Just like the loving Father He is, He'll oooh and ahhh over my crayon scrawl, the same as he will for Picasso's masterpiece. Today...It's enough!

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