Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Crucify Him!

In the darkest part of the night, in the year 33 A.D., an innocent man was tried, convicted and executed to save mankind. He was dragged from his family and beloved friends before a secret court-a perversion of the law-, taken before the "King" and then turned over to the Governor of the conquering nation who held the entire Hebrew population in slavery. Much of it, in the middle of the night or in the early morning hours. When they took him to Ponchius Pilate for sentencing, a mob of Jews and Romans demanded execution, and Pilate appeased them.
For Christians, as well as anyone who is familiar with the story of the crucifixion, it is hard to imagine how "His" people could have done this to Him. I, imagine myself in this crowd, crying and pleading for them to release Him...but would I?
Most of the Jews this night were home in bed with their families. Most did not hear about what was happening until there was nothing to be done. Most found out about it when it was too late.
During His ministry, Christ's followers would line the roads where He walked. Waiting for Him, the chance to touch Him, see Him, be healed by Him. Where were these crowds when the cry went out, "Crucify Him!"
They were home, celebrating passover and preparing for the ceremony of the pascal lamb. Most of them didn't know.
This last Easter, in my church, our world wide congregation had a similar experience, in a much smaller scale.
Once a year, we have the opportunity to raise our hand in support and faith, of the leaders. These are men and women who speak with Christ himself and let us know what he wills for His church. When this moment in time arrived, a selection of people, spoke out in opposition to these leaders. Just as with the Jews who called for the death of The Savior, these individuals had the right to declare their opposition and question what was being taught. It happened very quickly. A few minutes in a series of meetings which lasted for 2 days. The majority of the people present, did not speak out in opposition. However...
"A group of disgruntled Mormons", or "Members of The Church Of Jesus Christ Of Latter Day Saints spoke out against", are common phrases used to describe this event in written and spoken reports. Much like "The Jews" at the crucifixion of Christ.
When members of a large group are spoken of, it is not the beliefs of individuals who are tallied and reported, it is the few who become the masses who speak for us all. Judgements are made, criticism cast, and reputations destroyed in the dark of night before most of us even know what is happening.
There were 28,000 people in that building that afternoon and less than 28 individuals who spoke in opposition. There are 15 million members world wide who never got the chance to be reported on as individuals instead of the masses.
How many times have we done it to others.
-The Muslims are all fundamentalist terrorists?
-The immigrants are all illegal aliens?
-The Jews betrayed Christ?
Every time you behave in a way that diminishes your status as a son or daughter of God, you have become a part of the masses who may or may not have joined the cry, "Crucify Him." ? 

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