Thursday, March 24, 2016

Comfort Retards Growth

In a lush and verdant garden flowers bloomed. Trees danced their broad leaves in the breeze. Soft blades of thick grass tickled the toes. The Gardner, admiring his work, took a single seed from his pocket.
Digging deep into the soil, he gently lay the seed down. Dirt, potting soil, fertilizer and compost soon filled the seeds bed. A watering can moistened the soil and  the Gardiner waited.
As the sun bore down, the seed bed started to dry out. The Gardner, tending to his other plants, noticed the parched ground.With  watering can in his hand, he thought a loud.
"The sun is too hot, it will make the seed's growth too difficult." His shirt became shade. "The soil is too heavy, water can't reach the tiny seed."
Shovel fulls of ground were removed as the Gardner continued to worry. "This seed needs more air, I shall not cover him or limit his experience. I will bring him water, food, carry him to the greenhouse each night so he won't freeze and lather him with words and expressions of approval. My kindness will allow the seed to feel love. He will be my most beautiful creation ever."
"A wise old neighbor peered through his fence at the Gardner's work. His wrinkled brow furrowed as he listened. Shaking his head, the old neighbor walked away., Each day he watched as the Gardner tended the seed. Each day, the old man frowned and wondered.
Finally after 3 weeks, the neighbor called through the fence. "Good neighbor, what are you growing?"
"It is my most beautiful plant," he responded.
"I see no plant," the neighbor replied. "You have a seed, covered in moss. An empty hole and your garden is dying. I ask again, what are you growing?"
The Gardner glanced around his verdant landscape. Brittle leaves, dying vines, drooping petals and dead grass stared back. His seed, his most beautiful creation yet, sat in a muddy hole, rotting and ruined. As he sobbed into his mud caked hands, the neighbors voice returned. "Comfort retards growth. Yours, the garden's, and the seed's."

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