Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Make A Leap!

Yesterday was the culmination of one-fourth of a day for the last four years in Leap Day. It is an extra day none of us really plan for. At my house, its an extra day on the pay period for work. Its an extra day to get things done or its an extra day to not have to plan for.
Is it really?
We've been collecting the time every day. Are we accountable for the seconds and moments that don't seem important because its just a little bit. I think of how many times one of my kids has said, "Hey mom." and my response has been, "just a second..."
How many seconds have passed me by? Moments when I could've been spending time, or money, or effort on my most important things?
Yesterday, because it was the day after my birthday, my husband spent his precious moments with me!
He took the day off of work. We sat in the back yard and soaked up the sun. We lay in bed together, because it was warm. We spent an hour with a good friend of mine and his family, because we could. We looked for my sister-in-law's dog. We visited my favorite neighbor and her new baby and we ate pizza with my mom and step dad. It was awesome!
It wasn't the most exciting thing out there...it was better. It was a leap for me to just relax and be with the people I love.
Sometimes I get so worked up and worried about doing all the right things, being all the right places and keeping everyone moving that i lose my ability to feel the pure pleasure the world has to offer.
Sunshine after a cold winter. Friends and family who love us no matter what. the peace and beauty of everything God has created and given to us mere mortals. Life can be hard when we're running around like ants on a hot skillet. For one day, every four years, take a leap and just enjoy your blessings and love the world around you.
Or better yet...don't wait for one day a long time off. Do it today, for just a moment. Realize how good you have it and how blessed you are today!

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